Amazon Mobile App Distribution Agreement

By participating in the program, you agree that you will comply with the program`s terms and conditions and all pages, calendars, policies, policies and other documents and documents covered either in this publisher agreement or on the sales portal (together „Operational Documentation“). You agree that you will use the program and all content made available to you only in accordance with this publication agreement and operating documentation. The terms of this calendar apply when you submit content such as a full video game („game“), in-game content or other items („promotional elements“) for distribution or promotion via Amazon Prime Gaming (formerly twitch Prime). Our program. Our program (the „program“) allows end-users to purchase, download and access digital apps, games and other products and services (z.B. Amazon Alexa`s voice service (the „Alexa service“) and allows developers to access Amazon`s products and services in their apps and devices. „Apps“ are software applications, games and other digital products that you submit for sale, distribution or promotion on the program or with which you use program hardware, as well as their extensions, updates, updates, fixes, fixes, new versions and other changes and changes. „Devices“ are devices and components that use program equipment. „Content“ refers to your applications, all content, advertisements, services, technologies, data and other digital materials contained in your apps or devices, as well as all product information (defined in Section 7). You and your content and devices must meet all additional requirements and policies („Program Guidelines“) that are related to a schedule that is applicable to you or that is included in the documentation applicable to your program-related activities. They do not send advertising requests from a children`s app. You do not send mobile real estate advertising requests that are not a children`s app if you know that the end user is under 13 years of age (as defined by COPPA).

Promotional items Orders Distribution. From time to time, parties may subscribe to one or more promotional orders for bonus written games (one „order“ each), the corresponding promotional items, the period during which promotional items can be distributed and promoted (the „promotion period“), the type of distribution to end-users (if not specified, you are responsible for delivery), specific marketing obligations , technical integration requirements such as login on Amazon, territorial restrictions and other issues. If we are responsible for distribution, you give us the rights stipulated in the distribution plan for the distribution of the promotional item via Prime Gaming, and no royalties will be due. If you are responsible for delivery, you provide promotional items for all platforms, devices and areas where the game and Prime Gaming are available.