Apil Foil Agreement

APIL and FOIL agreed on a number of standard practices to assist complainants and accused injured during the post-crisis 19. The agreement stresses the importance of effective communication. Other measures include the acceptance of services and evidence by e-mail and consent to the use of some form of videoconferencing for medical examinations, if any. Medco agreed that the current ban on the use of remote investigations should be lifted, but under certain conditions. Both parties will face challenges that meet the Court`s existing rules and schedules, but there is now jurisprudence that supports extensions of up to 56 days with approval. APIL and FOIL recommend that practitioners accept requests for extensions. They also request that the parties exchange, as far as possible, their cost budgets. „This is an unprecedented time and APIL and FOIL want to make sure business goes as smoothly as possible in the UK. Our members have expressed their concerns about working remotely and how they might adapt to the new way the courts operate. The accused will also have their own difficulties. Both organizations believe it is important to do everything in their power to resolve these issues together,“ said Gordon Dalyell, President of the APIL.

„This is not the first time that APIL and FOIL have supported a collaborative approach, including through the Serious Injury Guide, and we invite members to review and apply these best practices where possible,“ he added. Anthony Baker, President of FOIL, said: „The Covid 19 pandemic has had a negative impact on victims, insurers, FOIL members and the complaining legal sector. However, in these difficult times, cooperation between the two parties in the sector demonstrates the ability of FOIL and APIL to work closely together to agree on a good practice document. „If we follow this common guide as much as possible, it will be beneficial for everyone and we hope that we will be able to navigate the front line in these choppy waters with understanding and cooperation.“ – Or on the APIL website here: www.apil.org.uk/coronavirus – Visit the association`s website under www.apil.org.uk.