Clause 27.3 Of Concession Agreement

The charge for using a given toll site depends on the length of the line under that place, the structures (bridge, tunnel, ring road) and the width of the motorways, the applicable pricing rules and the provisions of the concession contract. Why do the formula and annual review date of toll usage fees differ? Why is the rounding of fees at some tolls re.1/- and Rs.5/- in others? The annual review will take place on April 1 and the tax will be rounded until May 5, in accordance with the new user fee rules. However, some roads built before 2008 are subject to old rules, for which the levy is only rounded at Re 1. The user fee registration has been launched while the project is not yet complete. The user fee is collected and collected in accordance with applicable royalty rules and concession agreement provisions. In some cases, the recovery of user fees is allowed when the project is completed at 75%. This helps people use the finished part of the road and travellers only pay for the 75% length open to traffic. The dealer collected the user fee (toll) more than the expenses he incurred. Why can he continue to collect tolls? The user fee is collected and collected in accordance with applicable royalty rules and concession agreement provisions. As a general rule, a dealer has the right to recover the user fee until the contract concession period is concluded. How long does a toll booth have to operate? How long will the user fee be collected at a toll booth? Once a highway is built, you have to collect a fee to recover the costs.

Once the fees are recovered, the tax is levied at a reduced rate of 40%, as the road must be maintained in good condition for travellers. The list of exempt vehicles is not uniform in projects. The list of exempt vehicles is distinguished by the fact that exemptions were granted at the time of road construction. If the old services are exempt from paying the user fee. No.I am a winner of Police Medal/ Padmashree. Am I entitled to the exemption from paying the user tax? No no. I am an official of the central/state government. Am I entitled to an exemption? In accordance with the government`s communication of 03.12.2010, the exemption is only available to NHAI or any other government organization using these vehicles for inspections, measurements, construction or operation of Nationalhighways and their maintenance. The passport recovery procedure for local users. The dealer formulates, publishes and implements an appropriate scheme and makes such changes to the plan that can be reasonably proposed from time to time by the Authority or by local users (Ref.