Distribution Agreement Ucits

If the result indicates that an equivalence can be accepted, this can provide a good basis for the application of SDS to all covered distributors. The evaluation should be updated regularly and should not exclude the fund from ensuring that it includes the distributor distribution model. I think it`s a good practice to check this model from time to time with the distributor and get continuous reports, such as. B metrics, which provide a breakdown of customers` homes and types of customers. „This agreement is an important step in our plan to refocus our strategy on our core competencies,“ said Pierre Baudard, Head of Asset Management at Rothschild and Co. Of course, alternative investments remain in our portfolios and we will continue to be invested in absolute return strategies through our management and private banking activities. A legal agreement setting out the terms of the distribution activity should be signed with the distributor. The agreement should define the countries in which the distributor will offer shares of the fund and the type of customers it targets. It should have appropriate wording to specify that the distributor must meet all applicable regulatory requirements, including AML/KYC.

The agreement should give the Fund manager the right to audit the distributor`s AML program and allow the administrator to conduct audits of KYC datasets if he wishes. Lemanik assists asset management clients in the development and implementation of a successful distribution strategy, as this drives the success of each investment fund structure. This value-added service is based on our experience in most major European markets and uses the distribution agreements and contacts we have established over the years. The service is tailored to those who need either to design a new product, develop or re-evaluate their distribution strategy, and those who wish to open new markets, customer segments or distribution channels. Our distribution services offering focuses on three main service elements: Rothschild – Co Asset Management Europe has signed a distribution agreement with Alma Capital Investment Management. If the distributor`s controls do not sufficiently dispel concerns, it may be useful to seek transparency for the underlying customers in order to be able to carry out independent controls. In this case, the legal agreement with the distributor should allow the fund to fully access the KYC datasets or require the Fund to perform CDDs on the underlying client through its registrar and transfer agent. This article was written by Gregor Gottlieb, Associate Director of CommSol Associates in March 2019. If you would like to discuss in more detail this document or any of the CommSol services, please contact Gregor: Nevertheless, it is more than good practice to spend some time understanding a distributor`s AML regulations. This is essential to determine the level of due diligence to be applied. The SDS should only be applied to highly regulated distributors based in a country where AML standards are equivalent. The due diligence process for distributors should include screening for penalties and negative media related to financial crime, both for onboarding and thereafter.

It is also important to constantly check whether the distributor is still under license. The platform has managed assets of more than CHF 536 million (500 million euros) in five funds managed by an external hedge fund manager. Today, _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________OGAW funds are used not only by domestic clients, but also by investors around the world. This is particularly the case for SICAV and Irish unit trusts established in Luxembourg because of the high regulatory standards to which they are subject. Earlier this year, Alma Capital acquired DWS`s global hedge fund business. These high standards and the ease with which they can be registered are increasingly encouraging asset managers to take an interest in distributors to put their