Ivcc Cooperative Agreement

If JJC approves a co-operation/chargeback agreement and then develops a similar program, the student is not required to return to JJC for the balance of the program. In addition to these programs, 41 certification programs are available for students. The certificates offered by the university usually require one to four semesters and prepare students for a professional career at the end of their studies. Additional associate degrees are available for students considering moving to a four-year university. Degrees associated with the arts, science, engineering and general sciences are offered to prospective transfer students. [9] Although ccSVI offers a large number of programs, some students will not be able to take the necessary courses for their planned main part. For situations like this, Illinois Valley Community College „maintains a close cooperation agreement with 20 other colleges in the Illinois Community College system.“ [9] Students may complete their studies at the university concerned and are not required to pay the number of graduates. Joliet University College has a joint education agreement called „Comprehensive Agreement regarding the Expansion of Educational Resources“ (C.A.R.E.E.R.). This agreement significantly expands the number of applied sciences and/or certification programs for district 525 residents. Payment is made for buy-back agreements at the host institution only for courses required in the approved completion or certification program, for courses that are within the total credit limit of the approved program, for courses that have not been repeated or abandoned, and for courses that earn college credits and are higher.

For more information on co-operation/chargeback requests and licensing procedures, please contact your local community university. For any questions about the procedure after the approved application was filed with JJC, please contact the licensing body at (815) 280-2493. The district contribution applies only to course work for currently approved curricula between cooperating educational institutions and those proposing recovery agreements. Students who change their studies outside of these agreements are charged outside the study cycle for all programs of study. Return-to-co-op/charge agreements are not approved retroactively. For more information on outgoing co-operation/chargeback requests, please contact the Academic Office at (815) 280-2460. A student may not have more than one rebooking of cooperative/return at the same time. IVCC has entered into the Comprehensive Educational Resource Development Agreement (CAREER) with all other Community College Districts in the State of Illinois.

This agreement allows students to attend programs in other districts if the district of origin does not have the professional or professional program desired by the student. A full list of community colleges participating in this agreement is shown below. The cooperation agreements allow: a cooperative/return-on-charge agreement is not approved if jjC proposes the desired curriculum.