Mcdonalds Coke Agreement

IANAL, but I doubt very much that such a treaty can be legally binding. It`s like when Coke raises the price of coke to $10 a litre or changes the record to make it look like real or something. What happens if Coca-Cola suddenly becomes extremely unpopular? You think Coca-Cola could still force MCDONALDS to sell it forever? Perhaps such an agreement could be binding on IDK, but why would MCDONALDS sign such an agreement? What is most likely is that MCDONALDS get an exclusive price as long as they sell exclusively CocaCola, such offers are the norm in the industry. If they start selling something else, Coca-Cola will stop giving them an exclusive price or refuse to sell them coca together, and no one will be sued. The McDonald`s and Coca-Cola alliances are a great success and make these two companies what they are today. McDonald`s is now the world`s largest food distributor with more than 35,000 local restaurants that serve nearly 70 million people in more than 100 countries (McDonald`s, 2014), while Coca-Cola is the world`s largest beverage producer, which owns and subtracles approximately 1.9 billion euros per day in more than 200 countries (Coca-Cola Annual Report, 2013). Customers are used to enjoying a coke meal indoors all the time, making the refreshing drink a significant revenue stream and covering about 5% of McDonald`s sales (Edward Jones, 2012). Because of McDonald`s incredible contribution to Coca-Cola`s returns, a unique manager, offered by Coca-Cola, takes sole responsibility for the collaboration of this important account (Storm, 2014). Coca-Cola and McDonald`s add value to the unique supply chain. The evidence shows that the best taste of Coca-Cola is only available in McDonald`s (Mark, 2011), as they have a unique system for the supply and production of coke. Coke syrup is normally delivered in plastic bags; However, because McDonald`s sells more coke, the syrup can be delivered in stainless steel tankers (Chart Inc., 2013).