Tortoisehg License Agreement

2.1 Given the payment of the royalty (if any) and the acceptance of the terms and restrictions contained in this Agreement, the licensee grants them a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable, permanent license for the use of the Software and Documentation for your own internal business purposes as follows: Using all or part of the Software, you accept the terms of this License. If you do not accept the terms of this license, we are not prepared to concede the software and you must uninstall the software and documentation within 30 days of the purchase and not use it. If you do, your licence fee will be refunded. (a) all secondary versions generally available in the same main version as those originally granted to them by us for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase; and (a) As part of the HgLab evaluation license, you can install a single HgLab instance on a website and create an unlimited number of user accounts. Important note – please read carefully before installing the software: this license agreement („licensed“ or „you“) and HgLab HQ („Licensee,“ „We“ or „We“) for this software product, which includes software, printed documents and documentation („documentation“). 5.2 You acknowledge that if you have not acquired a HgLab Enterprise license, you are not allowed to access the software as a source or code unlock or comment. This site was originally designed by Yuki Kodama. You will find the deposit under If you have any suggestions or ideas for this site, please report a problem on the problem tracker. All source files (without the Mercurial logo) are licensed under the GNU General Public Version 2 license. Since there is no automatic case of Mercurial server in the event of a breakdown of the bundle hosting service, it is important for server operators to consider the bundle hosting service as an extension of the Mercurial server in terms of availability agreements and service level: in the event of a service failure, it is also important for customers to consider the hosting service bundle in terms of availability and service.