Adobe Acrobat Xi License Agreement

16.5.5 Compensation. The client undertakes to compensate Adobe and all relevant certification bodies (except for provisions expressly provided in its terms and conditions) for any debt, loss, claim, damage or claim (including all reasonable fees, fees and legal fees) arising from or related to the client`s use or confidence in a service provided by that authority, including, but not limited to: a) confidence in an expired or revoked certificate; (b) incorrect verification of a certificate, (c) the use of a certificate other than permitted by applicable terms and conditions, this agreement or applicable law; (d) not to make an appropriate judgment in the circumstances, in which they refer to the issuer`s services or certificates; or (e) non-compliance with the obligations required in the conditions relating to services. 16.3 Educational software product. If it is educational software (software manufactured and distributed only by educational end-users), the client is not allowed to use the software unless the client qualifies in his jurisdiction as a final educational user. Please visit to learn more about the authorization. Please visit and search the Adobe product purchase link worldwide to find an authorized Adobe Academic reseller. If the customer is a consumer who uses the software only for personal and non-professional purposes, that agreement is subject to the jurisdictional laws that the customer has acquired to use the Software. If the customer is not such a consumer, this agreement is subject to the applicable physical laws in: (a) the State of California if a license is obtained for the software, if the customer is in the United States, Canada or Mexico; (b) in Japan, when a license is obtained for the software, if the customer is in Japan; (c) Singapore, where a license is obtained for the software, if the client is located in a member state of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Mainland China, Hong Kong S.A.R., Macao L.A.R., Taiwan or the Republic of Korea; or (d) England and Wales, if a license is obtained for the software, if the customer is in an unde described jurisdiction above. The respective courts of Santa Clara County, California, if California law is applicable, Tokyo District Court in Japan, if Japanese law is in effect, and the competent courts in London, England, if the law of England and Wales apply, are not exclusively competent for all disputes related to this agreement.