Rhonda Entered Into An Agreement

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Department of Health was founded in 1977, when the Muscogee Nation (Creek) signed a sublease agreement and an operating and maintenance contract with the okfuskee County Commission Administrators to occupy and operate the former Okfuskee County Hospital, now the Creek Nation Community Hospital in Okhema. Prior to 2002, the Muscogee Nation (Creek) had entered into a contract with the Indian Health Service to provide health services to its citizens. In 2002, the Muscogee Nation (Creek) entered into a self-determination pact with the Indian Health Service to meet the health needs of its population. This method of agreement has allowed the Muscogee Nation (Creek) to make much more flexibility in providing services to the tribal population. The presentation is the third in the Insurance In-House Counsel CLE Series, which is aimed exclusively at in-house counsel and insurance lawyers. Litigation Section Co-Chair Rhonda Tobin presented on June 5, 2019 at the Defense Research Institute`s Insurance Bad Faith and Extra-Contractual Liability seminar, D.C. Rhonda presented with Naomi Kinderman, Assistant Vice President claims, Senior Counsel at W.R. Berkley Corporation, based in Greenwich, CT. Its theme was „Fear of Trials: An In-House Perspective on the Vanishing Jury Trial and Outside Counsel`s Perspective on How to Manage a Bad Faith Case.“ They defended the views of internal and external consultants and examined the growing perception that insurers are afraid to try cases and shared their views on how to identify and defend cases that can be obtained in court. Rhonda`s reinsurance experience includes conciliation and litigation in reinsurance disputes related to reinsurance in the case of accidents and workers` compensation. Participants were led by an interactive discussion on the intricacies of recognizing situations in which solicitor-client privileges are preserved and when they may be inadvertently removed in communication between internal advisors and insurers. Litigation Section Co-Chair Rhonda Tobin was one of the organizers of the American College of Coverage Counsel`s (ACCC) Covid-19 Liability Webinars, which was presented in conjunction with the UConn Insurer Law Center and the Connecticut Legal Insurance Section on November 12, 2020. Rhonda is a Fellow of the ACCC.

The program focused on liability rights and related insurance issues arising from the COVID 19 pandemic. Approximately 90 people participated in the program, including representatives of insurance, judges, lawyers, academics and law students. The keynote speaker was Professor Tom Baker of the University of Pennsylvania, who discussed trends in the case law he observed in the development of the Penns COVID Litigation Tracker cover site with Lex Machina. The program also included a conference on insurance coverage for new liability rights, followed by a roundtable discussion on liability and insurance coverage issues, which were moderated by Rhonda. Rhonda`s insurance coverage practice includes reconciling and thinking a wide range of coverage issues in general commercial, physical and professional liability policies, including non-insurance or non-contractual liability claims.